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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 5, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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>> this is thursday july fifth. a surprising turn in the case of an man attacking a jesuit priest. a santa fe jury acquitted him of three charges and deadlocked on the fourth. supporters of will lynch cheered on the steps of the hall of justice this afternoon. lynch was charged with attacking brother jared linder, an attack and and claimed was off by childhood abuse at the hands of the priest. they found that lynch not guilty on the assault. the jury deadlocked on a misdemeanor assault charge. >> i was pleasantly surprised.
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>> the district attorney's office has one week to decide whether it wants to retry lynch on a lesser charge. more details on this case. will lynch said he and his father were raped by their father on a camping trip in 1975. no charges were filed because the statute of limitations had run out. lynch admitted beating linder in court, but he said it was not premeditated. he testified after seeing the same look on the priest space- bar he had seen during a sexual attack. san jose police arrested five people for allegedly neglecting and abusing a dozen disabled adults in their care. we have pictures on four of the five. the victim suffered from schizophrenia and other disorder. they allegedly kept the victims
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number rushed, beat them and only allowed them to shower once per month. it was the second fire in a matter of hours and have fire crews stretched thin. we are live just as firefighters and resources had to be slashed. >> you can see some of the fire engines that were here. >> we were passing by and beat most of the fire crews here to send in brentwood boulevard in front with just after the fire started. it was around 4:15 and caught residents offguard. >> i looked off my back door and i saw the flames. i ran out there and i saw the men throwing dirt and i gave him one of my hoses. >> we were here doing a story in the neighboring
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neighborhood, and we are definitely seeing the impact of having half the resources that we have four days ago. >> residence near the oakley fire rate would guess it took firefighters about 10 minutes to respond. in the meantime, residents battled the flames. >> i was out literally in the middle of the fire trying to put it out. >> of course there's the closure of a couple of stations and that puts it back in balance. >> they rejected the measure last month which would have raised millions of dollars and save the firehouses. >> we are living within our budget and what people saw four responses last may will be our newborn. >> the fire here for some outbuildings and fence line. no one was hurt in either fire. but while all of these engines were here there was no coverage in either oakley or discovery
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bay. >> firefighters and marion counties a bottle rockets appeared to have set off an overnight crossfire. only a quarter of an acre burn and no one was hurt by the father and his two children were briefly trapped on a hillside where they were watching the fireworks. oakland police called the mobile's response tactics of success. today we could hear firecrackers still popping in oakland. last night news chopper to capture these pictures of the illegal light show over the city. oakland police used shot spotter technology to pinpoint illegal fireworks. rather were no arrests, there was no fires and no one was killed. a teenager fell from the roof of a school. police were called to sonoma mountain elementary and later officers tell us that a 19
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-year-old man fell 20 or 2 5 feet. he was rushed to the hospital with injuries to his face. i call may have been involved. free chp officers are on suspension tonight after a shooting on a bridge caused a major traffic jam. it started with a speeding car and had traffic gridlock for the entire morning commute. >> traffic was snarled and thousands couldn't get out of the city for hours. we now know from investigators that demanding the blame for the cause of all of this is 29 -year-old antonio roberson of oakland. he is on parole for false imprisonment in a human trafficking case. the accident happened after 1:30 this morning. a cadillac sped past the officer and careened into the railing. officers say they tried to help the two people with the car. >> they attempted to render aid at which point do people try to
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leave the scene. at which point, the vehicle became disabled. >> the police investigation made a mess for the commute for people trying to leave the coast of san francisco. >> i have to get to work. >> i'm already late for work. >> so you are going to try to do with still? >> yes, i have patience. >> the suspect may have fired at officers before throwing his gun over the bridge into the water. the hp would only confirm this as an officer involved shooting. both represent and his passenger were hurt in the crash out here and had to be taken to the hospital. roberson is likely to face felony dui and weapons charges. >> firefighters made quick work of car fire that led up a
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neighborhood overnight. it happened around 1:00 this morning and when our crew arrived flames were shooting from a honda accord. please reached about 20 feet in the air and fire officials say they don't know how the fire got started and no one was hurt. new information on a fatal hit and run accident that claimed the life of a bicyclist. the coroner has identified the victim but hasn't released his name until next of kin next of kin is identified. just before 10 last night police found a mangled bicycle in the street and some distance away, the man in his 40s who have been writing it. this witness says she saw the impact and how badly the writer was injured. >> she was gunning for the
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victim. it was intentional. >> police don't have evidence that the cyclist was targeted, but they aren't rolling it out either. what is obviously the felony hit and run. >> after the collision the driver accelerated and drug guide for another hundred feet before he fell off the vehicle and continued without stopping to render aid. >> investigators will review and a surveillance video they can find him along international boulevard. it's a dark color, older make sedan with windchill damage. if witnesses no more, they aren't saying. others in the neighborhood who have experienced the dangers of bike riding around here which they could help out the driver. >> investigators say the skid marks just the driver saw the cyclist. there is a $10,000 reward for
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information leading to an arrest in this case. a man was killed yesterday and a solo vehicle crash on highway seven in san jose. the victim was 27 27 year year old brat wade wahlberg. he was weaving all over the world and they found no evidence that drugs or alcohol were a factor. the highway patrol says a trend they told you about last night is holding. the number of drunk driving arrest are down sharply. statewide, 479 drivers were arrested on suspicion of dui down from more than 1500 last year. the bay area sought 81 arrests down from 251 last year. there were five fatal crashes including the accident in san jose. it's thought to do people may have been drinking.
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there was a fatal shooting of a toddler who was in a car riding home with his father on the fourth of july. >> he was only three years old, how can anyone do that and live with them selves? >> the three -year-old boy was hit in a drive-by shooting at 11:0 11 pm. officials believe the boy's father was the intended target. the state senate passed a bill that could temporarily forget convicted killer from death row. it would allow so-called speed freak killer to a help law enforcement in the ongoing search for bodies. the remains of at least four young women have been identified. santa clara county, state senator elaine oquist says as many as 72 missing person cases could be reopened. a new twist tonight in the perjury allegations. today supervisor aaron peskin told us that a friend of the
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mayor asked him to offer him a different job if he would step down as sheriff. he denied the claim under oath and today the spokesman cause the accusation baseless. he's fighting for his job after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor false imprisonment charge involving his wife. this new high-rise casino in san jose has been sitting empty over three months. we will tell you why it hasn't open and what's happening with the employees. and cool presidential candidate mitt romney is considering and why his wife is thrilled. >> a bit of a cool down today but changes on the way. coming up, the warmest day of the upcoming weekend.
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>> new video to share. a police chase in oakland and when the suspect's car hit a utility pole. that happened at near 100 fifth and he is avenue and started in san leandro. there is no word why the police wanted to pull the car over for the condition of the driver after the crash. damage to the utility pole caused a power outage. a new casino in san jose has been sitting empty. he explained what is behind the delay and when the casino might open its doors. >> this is my wife and i is like right now. >> is living out of boxes in storage. his family moved from hawaii and soon after he was hired to be a bartender at the new casino matrix. but three months but three months have passed in the casino remains closed. >> is financially crushing. i have savings, but that's only
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going to last so long. >> the doors are pub padlocked and the energy is low to save energy. >> we've had people come and pound on the doors and demand to be let in. >> swallow was forced to stay closed because the city to issue him a card room permit. city officials are concerned there are gaming tables on the top floor and separate smaller rooms. >> as a result we do want to make sure that we are monitoring that appropriately. >> city officials say obtaining the owner's financial records will take some time. the whole that has cost 100 of the 300 newly acquired a casino workers to find new jobs.
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>> they are optimistic that the casino will open by the end of the month. >> the state assembly voted today to authorize $4.5 billion in bonds for the high-speed rail systems. the vote was 51-27 along the party line. they massacred the state part of the startup budget for federal matching funds will go elsewhere, effectively killing the project. they are set to vote on the bill tomorrow and it's not clear at this point if the measure will pass. a spokeswoman says new information has caused a delay in the decision on whether to file sexual assault charges on pablo sandoval. no word on what that information might be. last month a 21 -year-old santa cruz woman accused of assaulting her at a hotel. his attorney said sex was
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consensual. another twist on the martin case. they set the bail for the accused gunman at $1 million. prosecutors accused zimmermann and his wife of misleading the court about how much money he has. he's accused of killing 17 -year-old trayvon barton in february. the warnings were in effect all of the midwest with record temperatures expected at least through tomorrow. summerfest included a cool down lounge. a walkie, chicago and st. louis have all set records. in indiana weather is adding to worries about the corn crop in a time of drought. >> when you combine that excessive heat with truly soil moisture deficit soils, that's the killer combination. >> in chicago, a portion of
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columbus driver buckled in the scorching heat. now to the presidential election. talk on the campaign trail turned to a running mate for republican candidate mitt romney. his wife says the campaign is considering a woman and she loves the option. other women being mentioned include the hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman and south carolina governor nikki haley. >> that robbie -- barack obama has started his bus tour. meanwhile we are hearing reports that the president will return to the bay area for another fundraiser on july 20 third which is less than three weeks from now. our exclusive field poll shows that president obama is maintaining a big image among california voters. 55% of voters said they would vote for president obama is the
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election began today. the polls found that 51% of voters think the country is moving in the wrong direction. next news tonight about the american economy. the payroll service provider adp that businesses added 176,000 jobs last month which was under what was needed. on the negative side retailers are reporting weak sales for june as worries about the economy and jobs have people cutting back on their spending. experts say, looking forward, slow growth will ease the economy. it was just a bit of a change for us. >> the police department are now requiring its nine part- time or full-time mounted officers to wear a helmet instead of a policeman's cap.
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officers say the change makes sense even to those that never take tumbles. >> i've been hit in head by branches and different things so it protects you. >> 13 horses paid a visit to john's grill this afternoon. and charlie and rusty enjoyed a few carrots. >> a new law will send an extra 250 inmates per year to local jails which is set up a window more than the initial estimate of just two inmates per year. corrections officials say it was a poor estimated populations. gone and 20 seconds. thousands of people are left disappointed by the fireworks display in san diego. what caused the show to be over in moments. and on the rise.
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>> that's the sound of a quarter million dollars worth of fireworks going off all at once overseeing diego last night. the city had planned a 20
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minute long fourth of july spectacular but it was over in 20 seconds. producers blamed a computer glitch and said they were glad that no one was hurt. but when the show ended, some people in the crowd said they thought maybe they were a victim of budget cuts. looking ahead now to the rest of july, it looks good right now. >> dealing with her than average temperatures but that will change as we head into the weekend. right now we do have mostly clear skies and a big fog bank off the shore. in the last 30 minutes or hours i've noticed the bob bank getting closer to parts of the san mateo county coastline. as far as temperatures from today, most areas called off a little bit from yesterday's warm greetings. i can see the range from the lower 60's in pacifica and san francisco. there are even a few 80's out
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towards antioch and right around morgan hill. we have mostly clear skies and some patchy fog developing. morning cloud cover turning back to near the coast and there is a temperature change for both saturday and sunday. overnight lows, bursting, friday night will be in the 50's for most spots. pretty chilly here, pacifica 51 and san jose in the lower 50's. we cooled off a bit today because of the weather system up to our north and west. the fog resurfaces late tonight and early tomorrow morning. the high pressure be built and strengthened and pushes back into northern california but as a result we see temperatures holding back up. the warmest locations at length reached the 90-degree mark and by monday at the warmest locations are easily approaching the mid- 90's. is our forecast model and
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this is where it could be locally dense because we have high pressure moving in that pushes the air down which creates dense fog and low visibility. as far as the afternoon hours, we are revealing partly sunny skies. this orange contour links up with cds. those areas are coming up a few degrees from today's high. santa rosa around 81 and fairfield around 85 degrees. these pages will check in right around three or 4:00. here's a look ahead at your five-day forecast. for weekend in view will continue to warm back up. sunday is the warmest day of the weekend. >> thank you. and thank you for trusting channel two news. tonight at 10:00, word of the tragic turn of events at the alameda county fair. a jockey thrown from his horse
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has reportedly died at the hospital. we will see you next time right here on tv36.
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